“Regain a sense of control over your life – by allowing the pieces to start coming together.”

— Heather MacCormac

What is Card Readings?

Readings of this nature are inspirational, insightful, and enlightening. They have a way of reminding us of what’s information and needs to be focused on.

Whether you are looking for specific guidance or general information about any aspect of your life – Card Readings can be very helpful.

As a Tarot and Angel Card communicator, I help clients with matters of the heart (love and attracting love), life purpose (work and career), health and wellness, and any other aspect of life.

I use a combination of card decks … and I look at past/present/and future dynamics.


Card Reading Party

Gather your friends and invite them to an exciting evening of Card Readings!

This type of party is guaranteed to sprinkle some fun and enlightenment into the hearts and lives of your neighbours, friends, and family – whatever the occasion!

Individual readings are given privately, using a combination of Tarot Cards and a variety of Angel Cards.

Price list

60 mins Reading. $110.00
30 mins Party Reading. $60.00

Quote from Heather!

“I do more than simply tell you what the cards mean. As a professional healer, psychic medium and card reader, with a background in therapeutic physical body care and energy work, I invite you to actively participate in the magic and mystery of what’s happening around you now. My diverse abilities give you a one-of-a-kind, holistic reading. You’ll be able to see your situation from many angles and gain deep insights about how to move forward.

My readings are accurate, effective, and deeply meaningful. They have a special way of teaching you what you need to know – so you can live in harmony with your soul’s purpose. My readings deliver messages from Your Higher Self so you can gain deep insight and meaning, peace, clarity, and guidance to your life.

Whether it be a signature reading, a tarot reading, or an angelic card reading from one of my many Angel Oracle Card Decks – you will be able to tap into the rich and valuable source of knowing.”


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