“Give yourself permission to release anything in your body you no longer need.”

— Heather MacCormac

What is Hot Stone Therapy?

Looking for a great way to warm the body and soothe the soul?

Hot Stone Therapy has grown in popularity over the past several decades and has become almost synonymous with therapeutic massage therapy.

Hot Stone massage is a great warming treatment, anytime of the year.

Once the stones have been heated sufficiently, they are placed onto specific points on the body (along the spine/shoulders, back, thighs, legs, feet and hands) – while other stones are held by the therapist and used to work deeper into the muscles.

This soothing therapy not only offers a relaxing massage experience – it also provides a deep, penetrating overall warmth which helps to decrease muscle tension and increase the circulation of blood and other body fluids. Stone therapy is a great way to clear out toxins.




Price list

60 mins Stone Therapy. $90.00

Cold Stone Therapy – An Alternative

Switching between cold and hot stone applications causes blood vessels to alternatively dilate and constrict – leading to increased movement of fluids within the body, and increased movement of toxins and healing from muscles tissue strain and repetitive use.

This type of treatment can be used as a means of prevention and therapeutic care.

Chilled stones provide an excellent way to increase circulation and act as a powerful body decongestant.

Cold therapy helps to ease inflammation surrounding joints and tissues, and helps to decrease muscle spasms (caused by lack of blood circulation in dense, taut muscle fibres).

Unlike the use of ice, cold stone treatments do not dramatically desensitize the skin. The overall effect of a treatment helps reduce tension with a combined feeling of invigoration.

If your looking for an overall therapeutic, yet relaxing massage – try Stone Therapy!


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